Cabeçalho Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro
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Organizing Entity

The Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio), through its Theology Department, organizes this 8th Symposium on Theology with the theme: 10 years of the Aparecida Conference: memory and perspectives.

PUC-Rio’s goals is to be a non-profit private institution that excels in production and knowledge transmission, basing its activities on respect for human values and Christian ethics, aiming, above all, the benefit of the society, always seeking excellence in research, teaching and extension for training competent professionals, qualified to full performance of their functions being inserted in the Brazilian reality and trained to put science and technology always at human being’s service, collaborating through the knowledge acquired into the University for to build a better world, according to the demands of justice and Christian love.

Organizing Committee

Professor Joel Portella Amado, PhD – PUC-Rio

Professor Leonardo Agostini Fernandes, PhD – PUC-Rio
Professor Abimar Oliveira de Moraes, PhD – PUC-Rio
Professor Joel Portella Amado, PhD – PUC-Rio
Professor Lúcia Pedrosa de Pádua, PhD – PUC-Rio
Professor Luís Corrêa Lima, PhD – PUC-Rio
Professor Luiz Fernando Ribeiro Santana, PhD – PUC-Rio
Professor Maria Teresa de Freitas Cardoso, PhD – PUC-Rio
Professor Waldecir Gonzaga, PhD – PUC-Rio
Mr. Igor Januário da Silva – PUC-Rio
Mrs. Bruna Martins Ferreira dos Santos – PUC-Rio
Mr. José Mirabeau Paes Barreto Neto – PUC-Rio
Mrs. Patrícia de Moraes Mendes de Sousa – PUC-Rio

Scientific Committee
Professor Waldecir Gonzaga, PhD (President) – PUC-Rio
Professor Maria de Lourdes Correa Lima, PhD – PUC-Rio
Professor Jenura Clotilde Boff, PhD – PUC-Rio
Professor Cesar Augusto Kuzma, PhD – PUC-Rio
Professor Maria Clara Bingemer, PhD – PUC-Rio
Professor Isidoro Mazzarolo, PhD – PUC-Rio
Professor Paulo Cesar Costa, PhD – PUC-Rio
Professor José Otacio Oliveira Guedes – PUC-Rio
Professor Mario de França Miranda – PUC-Rio
Professor André Luiz Rodrigues da Silva – PUC-Rio
Professor Josafá Carlos de Siqueira SJ – PUC-Rio
Professor Lúcia Pedrosa de Pádua – PUC-Rio
Professor Maria Teresa de Freitas Cardoso – PUC-Rio
Professor Luiz Fernando Ribeiro Santana – PUC-Rio
Professor João Décio Passos – PUC-SP
Professor Luís Corrêa Lima, SJ – PUC-Rio
Professor Carlos María Galli – UCA
Professor Abimar Oliveira de Moraes – PUC-Rio
Professor Afonso Murad – FAJE-BH
Professor Boris A. Nef Ulloa – PUC-SP
Professor Gilvan Leite de Araújo – PUC-SP

Target Audience

The VIII Symposium on Theology of PUC-Rio is intended for Teachers, Researchers, Graduate and Post-Graduate Students from Theology and Religious Sciences’ area, as well as corelated areas that are interested in deepening and reflecting on the challenges and contributions that Theology and Religious Experiences can offer. The event has a national scope for the public.   |   facebook