Cabeçalho Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro

The VII National Biblical-Theological Symposium is an initiative of the PUC-Rio’s Post-graduate Theology Program.

This year’s theme is: Mary: Scripture, Theology and Religiosity. In the next 12th October, will be celebrate the 300th anniversary of the found/rescue of the image of Our Lady of Conception from the Paraíba River, State of São Paulo. Since 1717, this image became more and more object of devotion of Brazilian’s people, until she became the Patron Saint of Brazil.

The study of this phenomenon would improve further more a biblical, pastoral, ecumenical, inter-religious and theological renovation around Mary’s figure, and this will make the theology, that has been grown in this social-cultural context, find the urgency and the necessity of developing a biblical-theological reflection that answers the challenges imposed by the current vision of Mary in terms of Scripture, Theology and Religiosity, which is needed by the society.

Besides that, the Marian theme can help us in the valorization of the feminine reflection and the feminine perspective in theological research.

Also, with this event, we expect to generate and spread new knowledge in Theology Sciences.

The main objective of this event is to create an environment that fosters religious tolerance and generates a dialogue, for the exercise of citizenship and acceptance by the different religious and cultural expressions of the Brazilian society.

We hope, therefore, to collaborate for a better formation of teachers, besides encouraging the participation of students and teachers from post-graduate programs in academic events.   |   facebook

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